“Wine and Food” tourism in the Langhe



Unforgettable itineraries and tastings, in the Italian excellence.

The territory of Langhe is located between the provinces of Cuneo and Asti and is characterized by chains of hills that follow each other creating extensive natural landscapes, romantic and full of immersive charm. Food and wine tourism in Langhe is a journey to discover Piedmont through its landscapes and flavors of excellence, it attracts visitors and tourists from all over the world in search of emotions that only experiential tourism can give. That is true, because the Langhe should be experienced through excursions dedicated to the small villages on the hilltops or enclosed in the maze of Piedmontese valleys. As far as the eye can see, hills offer unique and picturesque views which run among rows of vineyards, castles, stone houses and Benedictine monasteries. Here, time seems to stand still, one might even listen for the rhythms of the various seasons, like in a painting, while the horizon floods with colors one of the most fascinating areas of Piedmont. Nature has wisely created the perfect conditions for this: Starting from the micro-climate, the altitude, the exposure, the geological history of the soil, in order to give life to a heritage of Italian excellence, characterized by the food and wine productions of the Langhe. Visiting the Langhe is tantamount to connecting in a unique way to the territory, to get to know the inhabitants of the villages with their special hospitality and to let yourself go: Here you can taste the typical products and wines that have made Italy one of the leading producers of excellence in the world.

The places you will visit in Piedmont’s Langhe:

  • ALBA

Viticulture and wine making create many varieties of wine, among the productions with DOC and DOCG certifications, you will have the chance to taste Barolo, Nebbiolo, Barbaresco, Dolcetto d’Alba, Dolcetto di Dogliani, Barbera d’Alba and Pelaverga di Verduno. Wine tastings are an actual journey towards discovering the flavors of the earth. Visits in historical wineries can tell you stories about ancient traditions, vineyards, families of growers, and the endless nuances of wines. The fine wines are accompanied by appetizers, based on raw salami, bacon and lard; We will then move on to reviewing the most important local cheeses, including Robiole di Roccaverano DOP; Finally we will conclude with the most refined pastries made with hazelnut from Tonda Gentile delle Langhe.

The famous white truffle of Alba is the most precious underground mushroom of the Tuber Magnatum Pico quality in the world, so much so as to be called “white gold” for the enormous economic value that revolves around the Langhe. In honor of this precious truffle, every year in autumn an international fair is organized, the most famous and ancient of which is the White Truffle of Alba Fair. The tasting of the white truffle of Alba is enriched thanks to the itinerary carried out in the company of a real truffle hunter and his trained dogs. A real truffle search along an itinerary, on the hills of the Langhe. It is also possible to visit Alba, a historical city, and the capital of the white truffle. The experience “in search of the Alba truffle” will end with the tasting of typical local products: truffles, cold cuts and cheeses, together with local DOCG wines such as Barolo. Tastes and landscapes characterize this wine and food-based travel tour which develops among wine roads and DOP productions in the excellence of Italy.


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