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The Italian Great Beauty manifests itself in its creativity, its unique style, in the enchantments of its art, its culture, its landscape which varies from tall mountains to hills, from seas to lakes, from historical villages to metropoles and smart cities.
A trip through the “Italian soil” activates your senses and, following nature’s rhythm, it lets you discover a baggage of emotions that you will take home and relive anytime you want.

Our Italian Style

Family & Friend Travel

The warm hospitality with an Italian heart.

Fine Italian Luxury

“Lifestyle La Bellavita".

Food & Wine route

The traditional Italian cuisine.

Fashion & Design

The Italian creativity which takes shape...on you!

The way we work

Slow life

we select accommodations for telling the story of the place where you are visiting for your slow life holiday.

Care for details

We are here on Italian soil and individually check each and every service, which we have personally experienced and evaluated from the perspective of the visitor. We reduce costs while ensuring the quality of the experience we provide.


One of our main values ​​is sustainability, we care about our Earth

Tailored according to you

Because each traveler is unique, we create the travel program step by step. The traveling experiences we provide have been researched in collaboration with fashion stylists, designers, and chefs from all over Italy, who have generously contributed with their expertise and professional knowledge with FeelFine.

Always on top!

Italian excellences to be discovered in partnership with our fashion stylists, designers, and chefs, with whom we work closely to develop custom itineraries and experiences.

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