Feelfine Go Travel

Who we are

We are travelers, with a deep knowledge of the Italian territory, thanks to our experience as travel planners and event planners, and thanks to our partnership with such professionals as Interior and Fashion designers.
We create and realize exclusive “travel emotions”, thanks to the excellencies of our precious and fascinating Italy.

What we do

We always want to start packing.
We write diaries and take pictures of trips with which we can relive unforgettable moments and emotions, that we love to share when we return.
We research places with an empathetic and warm welcoming, which represent the character of the destination in which we are.
We discover and organize trails that we then propose to our Clients, taking care about respecting towards the environment and with exceptional touristic guides.

We share the Italian culture by tasting products from our territory, whose story is told by their own producers and by local chefs. We also organize meetings with creative people from the design and fashion industries-Italian excellencies- and invite them to create, in an exclusive manner, a “gadget” that you can carry with you… this and much more can be shared with the others, and every time in a different way!

Why us?

More like, “Why not?”, right?

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Fine Italian Luxury


Fashion & Design


Food & Wine