Feelfine Go Travel Experience

All the experiences that Feelfine has to offer.

Travel with new eyes and new perspectives, create and learn from activities that you will carry out all around the world, fill your eyes with wonder upon viewing all the beauty that our Country offers.
All this allows you to discover and live from the suggestions that our guests will carry with them forever.
This is how we take care of our client’s goals, by planning tailor-made travels which emphasize the subjective characteristics of all those who take place in them.
The Italian Great Beauty, for us, manifests itself in the natural elements which compose it in a balanced and harmonious way.
This is why we created four proposals of “Food and Wine Experiences traveling in Italy”, which we planned and thought of especially for those people who live with all their “senses”, and wish to bring back a baggage full of emotions.
After about 30 years of experience in organizing trips and events in Italy and around the World, we wish to share the Great Beauty of Italy, especially:

  • Its ancient culture which has its roots in this Land.
  • Its geographical positions, which sees it placed into the lukewarm Mediterranean Water.
  • Its pure air that you can breathe on the Alps, which in turn make for a wonderful natural frame.
  • Its Natural Flames, offered by volcanic lands rich in fruits and perfumes.

These are the four experiences with which we lead the trip of your senses, an all-Italian experience.

Family & Friend Travel


Fine Italian Luxury


Fashion & Design


Food & Wine


Some of our Taste-in-Action programs


Parma and Reggio Emilia

Historically ducal cities, with modern excellence

Both cities gifted us with musical and theatrical masterpieces, together with castles and fortresses! Between art and history, get ready to taste Parmigiano Reggiano Bollino Oro (Golden Label) and Extravecchio traditional Balsamic Vinegar.
Guided trip of the Malaguzzi International Center, a “visionary heart” for groups of friends and couples.


Naples and Capri

The shining gems of the Mediterranean Sea

A tour in the heart of the city, between the above ground “vicus” and the underground Neapolis. Let us now emerge from our little time travel experience to experience the Neapolitan weaving art, modeled after our image!!
Chocolate and coffee tasting.
The tasting experience goes on in the following day with Limoncello among Capri’s lemon groves.


Genova and le Cinque Terre

History and beauty with a vertical view!

An excursus on the middle-aged labyrinth of the alleyways, cooking test with an on-site chef, where you will learn how to make amazing focaccia Genovese and pesto! Visit the 5 Village and taste the exclusive Extra-Virgin olive oil among oil mills, and vineyards of Sciacchetrà overlooking the sea.


Turin and Langhe

Turin, the Street of Wine, before reaching the Langhe, full of truffles

At the feet of the Alps, royal and technologic, let us discover the city in a “dynamic and green” way. We continue toward the UNESCO world heritage sites, to taste such excellent wines as Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto, accompanying delicious “0 km” meals.



The 101 of the Italian art of living: Art, Beauty and Food

In Florence we “breathe” everything, from Renaissance to the future trends of Luxury Fashion; This is a 500-year-old excursus that you can only find here! Let us complete your experience in old farmhouses among the Hills of Tuscany, where you can taste timeless wine and food.


The Mountain

What shall we choose between Valle d’Aosta, Trentino o Alto Adige? Why not all of them?

Let us visit the tallest vineyard of all Europe, and taste its products, among wonderful landscapes, activities in the open air, on bikes or on foot, relaxing in great hotels! The Street of Wine with learning trips among alpine pasture and tasting of cottage cheese and apples from the valley floor.



The capital of fashion & design, together with the charms of Como

Let us discover the secret passages of Ludovico Il Moro in the underground Mediolanum, and the inheritance of the greatest of them all: Leonardo.
A stylist from Milan teaches us Style & Design while she accompanies us through the fashion district and all the way to Como, renowned for its silk production.


Rome and its hills

Once upon a time, 65.000 years ago, there was Rome and its hills

The Bellavita sums up centuries of history, culture, art, creativity, and lifestyle. Your experience will start from the period residence where you will relive the heyday of Rome, and where our narrating guide
welcomes us to accompany us into the legend of Romulus and Remus and the palaces of Nero and Tiberius.